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Meet the designer, Erica Ip


Well. How should I begin? I have always been making things, since so long ago I really couldn’t remember the start. I guess I inherit this beautiful and fortunate gene from my beloved mother, who is so talented and always surprises me and my siblings with her magic hands. I grew up in a small town called Macao. We don’t have a lot but we have enough. My mother is always working with her antique sewing machine and I grew up with the most beautiful clothing among my pals.


Born as Aquarius as my mother, I am able to find lots of pleasure in creating things. Among all of my crafting projects, wedding accessory is one of my greatest passions. I guess throughout the production process, I would recall the beautiful day, the joyful tears, the sunny weather and the touching vows of my husband from my own wedding day. And I love to pass this fullest happiness to my every design and hoping the customers can share the love I have.


I am entirely self-taught and inspired by the beauty of my surroundings. Finding any new ways at crafting always fill me with excitement and I guess that would push my work better evolved. This is also the only place where I can seek a truly peaceful soul.


Erica xx



About Luna Blue


Name inspired by designer’s loving kitten, Luna, we hope every headpiece of Luna Blue will bring you the peaceful joy that kitty Luna brings to the family.


We understand how difficult it is for the brides to make decision in every part of her big day. But when it comes to wedding hair accessories, we are ready to help out.


Handmade is different from something you bought from department store. It tells story. Each piece from Luna Blue is originally designed and handmade from Hong Kong studio to deliver the utmost delicacy. It is so much different from mass production, because handmade is personalization. It gives characters and it says LOVE.

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